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At BeautyDot, we understand that beauty and confidence are more than glowing skin. Sculpted eyebrows and long, thick eyelashes can amplify your look, while needed hair removal can boost your confidence. As such, our comprehensive services in Wichita, Kansas, include permanent makeup, lash extensions, lash curls, brow and lash tinting, as well as face and body waxing.

Brows and Lashes

  • A brighter, more awake eye is achieved through our Bella Lash extensions. We apply a semi-permanent lash to your natural eyelash to create a lengthening or volumized effect, which results in the perfect walk-out-the-door look without having to use mascara.


    • Full Set

      The first time you receive lash extensions, they will be a full set of “classic” lashes to create a lengthened, natural look or “volume” lashes to create a fuller look. The extension is applied with a semi-permanent adhesive that is safe for your natural lashes.
    • Lash Fill
      A lash fill is to help maintain the look you desire. Our lashes, just like our hair, go through a process of growth, and at the end of the process, the lash will fall out. As the lash falls out, the extension will too, so the last fill treatment is simply a replacement to keep your lashes looking full.
  • A semi-permanent lash curl is a beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural eyelashes, eliminating the lash curler from your daily routine. Our lash curl treatment at BeautyDot will keep a lasting curl throughout the life of the eyelash.

  • Just like a photograph is enhanced by a picture frame, brow and lash tinting frames and enhances the face. Use brow and lash tinting to restore color and to define the natural eyebrows and lashes.

Lash Extensions Microblading Wichita Ks Beautydot

Permanent Makeup

Brows, lashes, lips, we got you covered. Don’t know if you’re a good candidate? Book a complimentary permanent makeup consultation!

  • The perfect technique for a softly filled in look. This resembles the look of everyday makeup. If you’re used to filling in your brows with pencil, or powder this may be the technique for you!

    How long does it take? Around 2 hours

    How bad does it hurt? Little to no pain! Numbing cream is applied prior.

    How long does it last? Several years, depending on lifestyle and skin type.

    Will I get to see my brows before we start? Yes, there is a thorough measuring of your brows and face. Your brows will be drawn on before we start and you will get to see the shape, size and color.

  • Looking for that hairlike brow that gives you the perfect “fluffy” like look? Nano stroke is the brow for you. This technique is best for anyone who wants lightly filled in brows, very subtle, has a naturally fuller brow.

    How long does it take? Around 2 hours

    How bad does it hurt? Little to no pain! Numbing cream is applied prior.

    How long does it last? A year or so before a touch up is recommended.

  • The perfect enchantment to the eyes that adds color and brightens the eye. This will give your eyes the wow factor you’ve been looking for.

    How long does it take? 2 hours

    What’s the pain level? Minimal to no pain. Numbing is used throughout the procedure.

    How long does it last? Several years before a touch up is recommended

    Care Information:

    • No makeup, contacts or eye drops can be used on the eyes for up to 7-10 days prior to treatment.
    • No swimming, sun, sauna, tanning sweating for 10 days after treatment.

    This is to prevent infection and loss of pigment.

  • Softly colored lips that give your lips more definition and color. Resembles a lip tint look for an everyday look.

    How long is my appointment? Around 2.5 hours

    How long does it last? Several years before a touch you is recommended

    What’s the pain level? Minimal pain. We use medical grade numbing.

    Care Information:

    • No swimming, sun, sauna, tanning sweating for 10 days post procedure.

    This is to prevent infection and loss of pigment.

Microblading Lash Extensions Wichita Ks Beautydot

Face and Body Waxing

Smooth and radiant skin is always in! Visit BeautyDot for face waxing, such as brow or lip and brow waxing, or body waxing, such as bikini, Brazilian, leg or back waxing.

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BeautyDot is the only spa I would recommend. The staff is impeccable, and Stephanie Powers is AMAZING! L. Forbus
[I] just had the best 75-minute facial with Cissi. [BeautyDot has a] wonderful atmosphere and amazing people. I highly recommend BeautyDot! Rachel Thomas
Dr. Berry was my surgeon- I am extremely happy with my results, recovery time was quick - I was up and moving the next day and I feel amazing! AC
I hardly ever leave reviews, but I wanted to take the time to do this one. Dr. Berry performed my procedure yesterday and it was nothing short of perfect. I had fears doing my procedure because of course I went down the rabbit hole of googling. Dr. Berry explained to me I should have no fears, and relayed to me each step he was going to be taking to make sure I get home to my babies! You're in great hands! BH
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